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Online Fraud.

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Bot Traffic.

Junk Responses.

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Verifying leads is not your job.

A day is well spent when you get to work for the business growth. But lot of your time at work is wasted doing non-productive things. Such as verifying leads. Though verifying leads is not your job but somehow it becomes one of your most important tasks, just because not doing it will result in huge monetary losses and wastage.

Don't waste your precious time here, leave it on us. Focus more on the important things like improving your customer experience and your career growth.

Are you paying for the junk leads?

You definitely are... Your sales people wastes lot of time servicing junk leads which is a huge cost to company. Deploying a call center is less expensive but it's a fixed overhead and it might even spoil customer experience.

From advertising, to generating leads and servicing them, you incur costs at every level and it's really exorbitant. But, when you realize that many responses are fake, it makes your efforts seem unreasonable. The true cost of business conversion is estimated only when you factor-in all these costs.

If the quality of lead can be determined as soon as it arrives, you can easily save 80% - 90% of these costs. Moreover, it will spare you from the hassles of working with excel sheets & call center personnel.

We validate leads in real-time.

websites actively using scrubbed
23 million+
users scrubbed every month
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Scrubbed automates this for you.

Simple solution for complex problems... Scrubbed is a self service platform that anybody can operate.  It works 24/7 examining every lead and it doesn't even take coffee breaks. The platform can also tell you the level of interest any lead has in your product so that you can prioritize them well.
platform integration is easy

Easy to integrate

You can integrate the platform by simply placing one piece of code in your website. It will take less than 15 minutes to setup everything and get started. In case you are stuck, you can take help from our video tutorials or refer our helpdesk.
automated self-service platform

automatic operation

Scrubbed is pretty simple. Once integrated, it automatically starts separating out all the bad leads and reports everything back to you. Its algorithms are so well designed that it does not need your attention. So you won't miss a thing even when you're away
lead validation in real-time


The moment any user submits your form, Scrubbed will tell whether its a valid lead. The platform began monitoring this user since the time he visited your website and gathered enough intel to differentiate between what's genuine and what's not.
user access management and control

manage access

The platform is totally in your control. As an admin you have full access to all its features and reporting. You may create other user accounts and decide their privileges as well.
secured lead management system

encrypted data

We take data security and privacy seriously. No person other than you can access your dashboard or data.  Nevertheless, Scrubbed only uses encrypted data which does not make any rational sense to a human.
reporting and analytics

detailed reports

Everything you need to know is available in our reporting. The source of the lead, date and time of entry, the level of interest, the keywords used and of course its validity. If we have missed anything, do let us know.

Scrubbed leads are sales ready.

Scrubbed leads are just ready to enter the sales pipeline without further filtration.  Scrubbed evaluates leads across 120 different parameters before it deems fit for your further action. It's impossible for any human to do such a deep down analysis using parameters such as location, proxy IP, referral source, bot score, IP blacklist, mouse movements and many more...
reporting dashboard

it's much easier & quicker to manage leads

  • Get instant feedback on leads received and share it in a report with your campaign manager.
  • Know the source of the lead that is working for you and the one that is wasting your time.
  • Prioritize leads based on the level of interest shown by the user in your content.
  • Use the in-built Lead Management System or connect 3rd party platforms using Scrubbed's REST API. Integrate your CRM, call center, ESP, accounting software and much more.
  • You can create multiple user accounts and set permissions to limit their access.

it saves you A plenty of time & money.

  • Instant lead validation can rescue your marketing spends committed to a fraudulent 3rd party publisher / ad network.
  • Your call center cost drastically comes down as you don't require them to call up bad leads which accounts for anywhere between 30 - 70% of total leads for most brands.
  • Only sales qualified leads get through to your sales team so that their efforts gets materialized and they stay motivated.
  • The built-in LMS and other tools are comparable to the best in class platforms available in the market.
  • You don't need to purchase Captcha, Mobile OTP or any other authentication tools which are expensive & recurring.
automated lead verification saves time

Plans & Pricing

Flexible pricing model — Basic plan gets you started with filtering unlimited number of leads. Upgrade anytime when you want premium features such as CRM, click-2-call & call recording, call center integrations, API integrations and exciting custom solutions.

Basic Plan

Knocks out bots and impersonators.
In the basic plan, you can determine the validity of leads as soon as it reaches you.  Unlimited!
  • Validates leads in real-time
  • Unlimited number of campaigns & leads
  • Unrestricted reporting
  • 1 user dashboard access
  • Simple call center feedback system
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Enterprise Plan

Firepower to close sales
Enterprise plan enables you with validity & quality of leads. Direct dial and call recording features. Multiple user access with different roles & privileges
  • Qualitative feedback of leads in real-time
  • Multiple users, unlimited campaigns & leads
  • Manage restrictions & reporting access
  • Synchronizes your lead management process
  • Call center integration for instant updates
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Ultimate Plan

In-house deployment of our infrastructure
Custom made infrastructure to combat all your lead management challenges.  Deploy entire framework on your private domain and servers.
  • All features available in Enterprise Plan
  • Solution to meet your custom requirement
  • Integration with your CRM, LMS, ESP...
  • on-site system implementation & training
  • Manual Support
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