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Scrubbed is a specialized application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Consumer Data. It simplifies data collection and visualization; saving marketers time and helping him take better decisions through data. Marketers use Scrubbed to generate sales-qualified leads online and automate many business process.

About Company
Fraud Detection

Scrubbed reveals the real intent of your online audience and their probability to convert into real customers. You can prioritize your sales efforts to focus more on high intent customers & eliminate contacts wasting your resources.

Business Intelligence

Scrubbed turns your data into informative reports and interactive dashboards. You can combine location data, on-site behavior, consumer intent, store visit info, product purchase and much more to uravel consumer traits.

Marketing Automation

Lead Management

Custom Audience

Facebook Connect

Interactive Charts

Plug & Play Integration

Private Dashboard
Easy, Configurable & Secured

Scrubbed provides a marketer-friendly private dashboard access to take charge of all the consumer information and the tools to drive the informed marketing decisions. An access to generate forensic report of all visitors and leads that marketer can use to optimize campaign strategies and realign media partners.

How you benefit
Jumpstarts your data-driven marketing strategies
Get data from all online & offline sources in one place

Scrubbed records data from all online & offline sources, combines in one dashboard and gives you a holistic view of all your consumers. A simple copy-paste implementation of Scrubbed code is all you need to get started.

  • Scrubbed easily connects with the campaigns running on Search, Social PPC, Email, SMS
  • Records data from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms.
  • REST API to integrate with most CRM platforms
  • Records leads & comments on Chatbots.
  • Connects with Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle & other popular platforms
See your consumers with complete perspective

Knowing your consumers can help you take better decisions. Scrubbed collects multiple behavioral and demographic data points from across your sites, apps, ads and landing pages (in short, ‘touch points’). By capturing the ways in which consumers are interacting with these touch points, you can build a detailed picture of them: What content they’re consuming, on what device, and what specific actions they’re taking. These data points combine to provide rich insights, which can be used to optimize campaign, plan product offering, authenticate leads and convert more sales.

Segment data and get meaningful charts you wish

Scrubbed easily create reports and dashboards that tell quite a compelling story. It can present your data in the form of interactive charts & graphs whichever way you want. You can design your own rules & algorithms to dissect your data into meaningful audience segments. With such flexible reporting & analytics you can evaluate campaigns, optimize keywords, find trends, measure staff performance and demand intelligent outcomes.

Train Scrubbed to do your repetitive tasks

Just like your personal assistant Scrubbed follows your work orders. Configure Scrubbed to execute routine tasks, such as seperate our junk data, allocate fresh leads among your staff, fetch you a summary report every morning or even bring you a cup of coffee...Aahhh! That's silly. But yes, you can program Scrubbed to do a lot of stuff everyday or every minute. You may want to automate uploading fresh data to your Sales CRM every morning or send instructions to your email marketing platform. Possibilities are large. And yes, it can bring you a coffee if your coffee machine understands API.

Team can collaborate on Scrubbed to convert more sales

Scrubbed keeps your team together throughout the purchase journey of a customer. Team members from marketing, telesales, field sales, legal, operations etc. can join-in to contribute at various stages of sales cycle. You can create action plan, delegate the responsibility or invite other team members to work together with you on converting a lead. To collaborate with other team members you can share with them your tasks, calendar events, reminders, proposals, attachments, checklists and notes. Scrubbed keeps track of all actions & conversations so you can always revisit what has happened in the past. Scrubbed is built with easy workflow & team collaboration which is conducive to sales.

Why Scrubbed
It's a simple solution for complex problems

Scrubbed is a self service platform designed so simple that anybody can operate. It works 24/7 and it doesn't even take coffee breaks. The platform works at every level of your marketing & sales process, helps you with evaluating consumers responses & also prioritize them well.

Easy to Integrate

You can integrate the platform by simply placing one piece of code in your website. It will take less than 15 minutes to setup everything and get started. In case you are stuck, you can take help from our tutorials or ask us for help.

Automatic Operation

Scrubbed is pretty simple. Once integrated, it automatically starts monitoring the marketing & sales performance and reports everything back to you. Its algorithms are so well designed that it does not need your attention. So you won't miss a thing even when you're away.

Fraud Detection

The platform monitors each and every user that interacts with you online. From the time this user visits your website, Scrubbed gathers enough intel to differentiate between who's genuine and who's not.

Manage Access

The platform is totally in your control. As an admin you have full access to all its features and reporting. You may create other user accounts and decide their privileges as well.

Encrypted Data

We take data security and privacy seriously. No person other than you can access your dashboard or data. Nevertheless, Scrubbed only uses encrypted data which does not make any rational sense to a human.

Detailed Reports

Everything you need to know is available in our reporting. The source of the lead, date and time of entry, the level of interest, the keywords used and of course its validity. If we have missed anything, do let us know.


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