Case Study

Institutes rely on Scrubbed
Education sector is ripe for Digital Transformation but certain obstacles are restraining its adoption.

Educational institutes around the world are mainly focusing on the most tech savvy audience group on this planet i.e. 17 – 25 year old youths. Yet only a few institutes established a digital infrastructure for their core operations. Institutes generally do not employ a permanent IT team with required skills for handling complex digital platforms. Hence they face difficulty in introducing latest technologies such as virtual classrooms, mobile learning apps, online admissions, online examination, paper-less application process, faculty online support, Facebook Connect and more. University and K-12 chief information officers (CIOs) are increasingly aware of the urgency and power of digital transformation. There is a wide untapped opportunity to maximize efficiency, collaboration and reduce cost and errors in operations but it demands a skilled tech support. Below is an example of how scrubbed can help an education institute overcome the obstacles & support its digital transformation.

Institutes can fully rely on Scrubbed for 100% assistance in technology

This institute who we work with had only one person taking care of its marketing, responding to candidate applications, scheduling interviews & overlooking the complete admission process. He is no less than a Super-man, but in real world, Super-man does get tired. Tiredness got reflected in the process delays, confusions in scheduling interviews, employee dissatisfaction & attrition. The need for digitizing admission process was clearly felt but the institute dean was reluctant towards huge monthly cost of IT resources.

Scrubbed was deployed as a ready-to-use digital infrastructure for this institute. This transformed the admission process to 100% online & paper-less. It recorded & processed 20,000+ applications to fill-in 600 seats in less than 30 days. Reviewing each application, qualifying for further rounds, scheduling interviews, sending confirmation via Email/SMS and final on-boarding; this was entirely managed by just one person. We have highlighted how we achieved this step-by-step below.


Scrubbed was deployed following a 5-minute setup. This was completely managed by a non-IT person from the institute taking some assistance from Scrubbed team.

New applications, Queries & Notifications from all channels

Hereon, candidates expressing interest to join for the course via online subscription, Facebook post or web form are recorded in the Scrubbed platform with their basic personal information & qualification details.

Automate filtering & shortlisting

Eligibility criteria for candidate selection were fed only once into Scrubbed using its logic builder. This automated shortlisting of candidates based on their GPA, choice of subject, location, age and work experience

Send personalized notifications

Scrubbed platform sent an email to all the shortlisted candidates requesting to complete the application by following an embedded link which enables them to share a scanned copy of certificates, mark sheets and identity proofs.

Automate assigning of responsibilities

Completed applications are accepted into the Scrubbed CRM & automatically assigned to institute faculty based on choice of subject.

Collaborative efforts

Scrubbed CRM also serves as team collaboration tool for Faculty to collaborate with marketer, collaborators online. They can schedule interviews and plan further process online without waiting for paperwork.

Track Progress

Scrubbed keeps track of the admission progress, reminds pending tasks & automates routine work.

It is evident that educational institutions that fail to embrace digital transformation will be left behind in the upcoming years.