Marketing & Sales Automation for BFSI

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Infrastructure & Tools
for your Digital Strategies
Does not require Technical / Coding knowledge

Simplified & intelligent online shopping experience is what Scrubbed can help you achieve with its infrastructure & connected tools. Scrubbed is designed for marketers empowering them to implement creative & strategic ideas without facing technology related hurdles.

Product Recommendation
Help online consumers choose the product they intend to buy

People find online shopping of finance & insurance products quite a bit confusing. Helping them scout the best product matching their intent will expedite their purchase decision. You can implement personalized recommendations for all your products using Scrubbed

Prompt Response
Tighten your workflow for inbound leads

Agility is the only way you convert more sales for an extremely competitive online business. Scrubbed can help you implement an automated air-tight process workflow to handle large inflow of leads & queries. Automate lead validation, lead allocation, and response management.

Monitor Performance
Check sales agents performance in realtime.

Scrubbed can measure the performance of your internal & external sales agents. Compare performance by revenue, conversion rate, response time, offer type, deal value, time-to-convert.

API Integration
Connect all your platforms together

If you want to leverage data and take advantage from multiple platforms then you need your data to flow freely and synchronously between all the platforms you use. Scrubbed can help you establish these connections using API

Basic Workflow
Behavioral & Factual Data
Data is the fuel to give personalized shopping experience to consumers.

Most companies struggle at this very first step, collection of enough data that makes some sense. This is why Scrubbed has focussed so much on simplifying the all-round data collection. In fact, it's more or less preconfigured to collect data from your website, PPC campaigns, Facebook, CRM, point-of-sale, offline and more.

Audience Segments
Find consumers that matter to your business and give them a priority.

Build segments with your own set of rules such as, 'already a customer' 'existing health problems' 'profession'. Use it as eligibility criteria to give an offer, proceed for sales or use it as filters to analyze consumers.

Take Action
Quick allocation of responsibility and speedy response to convert more sales

'Aron' explained the insurance scheme while 'Tim' completes the documentation formalities. Policy approval from John is still pending. You need someone like Scrubbed who reminds John via email & SMS to complete his task.

Fraud Detection & Lead Validation
Bot Detection

Identifies Software-filled Leads

Scrubbed identifies software programs faking as real users. Detects and eliminate leads that used software simulation for filling up forms. Scrubbed also reports the frequent occurance of such instance from particular traffic sources.

Abnormal Behavior

Detects Fake User Engagement

Scrubbed measures the lead quality based on the level of interaction a user had with the content before filling up the form. It looks for abnormalities, repeat patterns & unrealistic actions in the user's behavior

Machine Identification

Identity that user cannot erase

Scrubbed identifies users by their unique machine ID. Scrubbed labels user as "dubplicate" if he submits multiple leads, even when the contact details are different. This prevents major advertising frauds.

Contact Validation

Authenticate Email ID & Phone Numbers

Validates the form fields and authenticates the contact details of the user. Whether the Email ID entered is valid & won't result in hard bounce. The phone number exists, belongs to whom and what location.

IP Reputation

Flags all blacklisted IP Address

Most advertising fraud takes the route of proxy IP & VPN. We maintain the list of all such IP address & proxy networks that are known for aiding fradulent traffic & leads. Scrubbed labels leads from such IP as "Suspicious"

Custom Filters

Your custom validation criteria

Have your own filtering criteria? We fit-in your custom validation logics. Example: You want to seperate out all users who have purchased from you in the past as highest priority leads for your prompt action.

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