Improving response to your sales efforts

Real Estate

Managing contacts, communication history, timely follow-ups
Seamlessly manage marketing-sales efforts as well as customer's online experience

Scrubbed can help you score more conversions with a simplified & connected platform that tracks campaign response, visitor's intent to purchase, pre-qualify leads, prompt sales feedback & keep history of all the communications taken place with the leads. Scrubbed is designed for a marketer to implement his creative & strategic ideas without facing technology related hurdles. It's so easy that a person with little marketing experience and NO software/coding knowledge can handle everything alone.

Know what your customer wants accordinly personlize your sales pitch

Based on cusomter's family composition, age-group, profession and other requirements Scrubbed lets you personalize the key selling points. Scrubbed captures behavioral & factual data that gives an overview of customer's choice & the factors influencing purchase decision.

Build Relationship
Keep the histroy of communication & pickup from where last left

Buying a property involves research & might take time to decide. Don't let customers drop due to unintelligent & disconnected follow-ups. Scrubbed keeps record of every conversation your sales rep had with prospects. It also reminds if follow-up is pending for a long time & re-allocate leads if required. We can also design your company's set process to be followed autonomously.

Advertising & Performance
Know what performs & prevent money lost to Ad Fraud

Scrubbed can measure the performance of your campaigns & respondents. Compare performance by keywords, location, product-type, offer, deal value, media partners, publishers, conversion rate, response time... Most importantly, Scrubbed protects you from junk and incentivized leads which never converts as paying customer.

API Integration
Digital-ready framework connects all your platforms & data

If you want to leverage data and take advantage from multiple platforms then you need your data to flow freely and synchronously between all the platforms you use. Scrubbed can help you establish connections using API. We connect all your platforms as one online system that lets you centrally manage Email Marketing, Tele-sales, team collaboration, site-visit, customer profile, follow-up schedule and much more.

Basic Workflow
Behavioral & Factual Data
Capturing all data in one place is a lot easier to manage

Scrubbed records consumer data from all online, social & offline channels in one platform. Personal information, demographic data and property of interest is systematically captured so that it can be used for the run down of custom defined eligibility criteria & sales action. Apart from these, the behavioral data such as time spent, engagement score, intent to purchase helps you eliminate junk & incentivized leads.

Classify Prospects
Know who is seriously looking to purchase a property to give a preferential treatment

Build segments with your own set of rules such as, 'profession' 'budget' 'source' 'location' 'format'. Use it to help sales rep, personalize further communication or use it as instructions for 3rd party platforms, like invite for new launch in similar format via Email/SMS, pre-inform sales rep about requirement/choice during property visit .

Arrange site visit & amplify sales efforts
Quick allocation of responsibility and speedy response to the customer requirements.

Based on his intent 'Justin' is scheduled early for property tour. 'Aron' quickly responded to queries, convinced for site-visit & assigned 'Tim' for giving a tour. Scrubbed improves process efficiency by encouraging teamwork. It brings all marketing & sales people on one connect framework and keeps track of customer journey & communications. It flags & reminds the person responsible for process delays.

Fraud Detection & Lead Validation
Bot Detection

Identifies Software-filled Leads

Scrubbed identifies software programs faking as real users. Detects and eliminate leads that used software simulation for filling up forms. Scrubbed also reports the frequent occurance of such instance from particular traffic sources.

Abnormal Behavior

Detects Fake User Engagement

Scrubbed measures the lead quality based on the level of interaction a user had with the content before filling up the form. It looks for abnormalities, repeat patterns & unrealistic actions in the user's behavior

Machine Identification

Identity that user cannot erase

Scrubbed identifies users by their unique machine ID. Scrubbed labels user as "dubplicate" if he submits multiple leads, even when the contact details are different. This prevents major advertising frauds.

Contact Validation

Authenticate Email ID & Phone Numbers

Validates the form fields and authenticates the contact details of the user. Whether the Email ID entered is valid & won't result in hard bounce. The phone number exists, belongs to whom and what location.

IP Reputation

Flags all blacklisted IP Address

Most advertising fraud takes the route of proxy IP & VPN. We maintain the list of all such IP address & proxy networks that are known for aiding fradulent traffic & leads. Scrubbed labels leads from such IP as "Suspicious"

Custom Filters

Your custom validation criteria

Have your own filtering criteria? We fit-in your custom validation logics. Example: You want to seperate out all users who have purchased from you in the past as highest priority leads for your prompt action.

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