Take full charge of your data

Self-Serve Platform

Beautiful & Easy UI
Gets your job done super quick
Does not require Technical / Coding knowledge

Scrubbed is a platform specially built for marketers. It is designed in a way that a marketer can perform any task in very few simple steps. The most complex filtering & sorting of data, that might takes hours working on spreadsheets, would take only a few seconds using Scrubbed platform.

Consumer Information
Granular Behavioral & Factual Data

Get consumer data such as engagement score, interests, keywords, page visits, location, IP Address, traffic source, lead details, conversion journey and more...

Amazing Analytics
Preset & Custom Charts

Preset charts such as keyword performance, sales performance, offer comparison, ad performance. Get custom charts built from us.

Set your Data in Action

Design your marketing workflow for Scrubbed to take desired actions in real-time whenever new data meets your business criteria

Fraud Detection & Lead Validation
Bot Detection

Identifies Software-filled Leads

Scrubbed identifies software programs faking as real users. Detects and eliminate leads that used software simulation for filling up forms. Scrubbed also reports the frequent occurance of such instance from particular traffic sources.

Abnormal Behavior

Detects Fake User Engagement

Scrubbed measures the lead quality based on the level of interaction a user had with the content before filling up the form. It looks for abnormalities, repeat patterns & unrealistic actions in the user's behavior

Machine Identification

Identity that user cannot erase

Scrubbed identifies users by their unique machine ID. Scrubbed labels user as "dubplicate" if he submits multiple leads, even when the contact details are different. This prevents major advertising frauds.

Contact Validation

Authenticate Email ID & Phone Numbers

Validates the form fields and authenticates the contact details of the user. Whether the Email ID entered is valid & won't result in hard bounce. The phone number exists, belongs to whom and what location.

IP Reputation

Flags all blacklisted IP Address

Most advertising fraud takes the route of proxy IP & VPN. We maintain the list of all such IP address & proxy networks that are known for aiding fradulent traffic & leads. Scrubbed labels leads from such IP as "Suspicious"

Custom Filters

Your custom validation criteria

Have your own filtering criteria? We fit-in your custom validation logics. Example: You want to seperate out all users who have purchased from you in the past as highest priority leads for your prompt action.

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